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Subscription Services


To provide wide range of e-book to our customer, we have partnership with ProQuest, informatics and many other publishers. What if you could offer an ebook experience that’s intuitive for you and your patrons? What if you could manage all aspects of your collection — discovery, selection, acquisition, administration, and reporting — all on one platform? And what if that platform provided access to more than a million ebooks, with 100,000 new titles added each year? It’s all possible with Ebook Central from ProQuest.

Ebook Central Flexible Acquisition Models

The Most Flexible Models that Work Best Together to Meet Library and Researcher Needs

According to a recent ProQuest survey, more than 70% of libraries rely on multiple models to build their ebook collections. To enable libraries to optimize their budgets, improve outcomes and see a greater return on investment, ProQuest offers more models than any other ebook provider that work best together. No matter the model, all titles are delivered on the Ebook Central platform — which provides an exceptional user experience — with centralized management from LibCentral.


Subscription: The most affordable way to offer a critical mass with unlimited multi-user access

Pioneered by ProQuest, the ebook subscription model is the most affordable way to offer a critical mass of multidisciplinary content or titles in specific subject areas with unlimited, multi-user access and continued growth. Many libraries use subscription as their foundational ebook collection then leverage usage statistics to inform their acquisition strategies. For example, a library with high usage in engineering and math may choose Demand-driven Acquisition to supplement their collection in these specific subjects, or they may pick and choose specific titles under our Perpetual Access model.

Perpetual Access

Perpetual Access (PA): Pick and Choose the Specific Titles Your Institution Needs

This model allows libraries to pick and choose among more than one million titles. If libraries purchased all their ebooks under this model, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars! Most libraries use Perpetual Access alongside other ProQuest models like subscription and DDA for the most cost-effective solution that meets their users' needs.

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