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Subscription Services

Print Journals & e-Journals Subscription Services

We serve the information needs of Subscribers through worldwide Journals and Academic/ Scientific Literature - whether in print or electronic format. We offer subscription for world wide Periodicals, Online Journals, e-books, Database and Print Journals. We are determined to make ordering, renewing, claiming and discovering new titles for our customers as simple as possible.

  1. Proven credibility
  2. Access to current pricing information for all journals
  3. Speedy processing of orders through computerized operations

Benefits for our customers

We keep our records updated for resources that are subscribed by our customers. We share renewal notices one month prior to subscription expiry in order to provide uninterrupted access.
We work hard with publishers to offer the best prices available in the market place. We also aid you with best possible prices for financial management to keep the low budget for library.
We are all time connected with all our publishers and maintain a system of information regarding dispatch of journals. You can rely upon us for getting your journals right on time.
Our team is fully dedicated for our customers and we timely take care of all missing issues, whenever possible, we provide advance information about delays in publication, title changes, etc. and provide solution for all claimed issues.
We do not charge any handling charges from our side.
We will provide you support for accessing your e-journals provided by publishers with your print subscription at no cost.

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